What benefits do I get from SEO?

It has the ability to increase the volume of users to your website , with the purpose of optimizing sales and high return on investment. Which represents in such a way a profitable and effective strategy in order to attract the best users. Another benefit of using SEO positioning is that there is no need [...]

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IBA Implements SAP–Based Subsystem At Belarusian Railway

On July 10, IBA successfully put into commercial operation the subsystem Equipment Maintenance (EM) at the Locomotive Depot of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian Railway. Being a part of the Unified Corporate Integrated System of Finance and Resource Management the subsystem has been implemented more than one year. This SAP ERP–based project received the [...]

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Belarusian Railway, an organization of more than 200 legal entities located in different regions of the Republic of Belarus. Project Background Cooperation between IBA and Belarusian Railway (BR) began in 1993 when BR management made a decision to start a step–by–step modification of its cargo transportation management system. Initially, the system was ported from local [...]

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IBA Automated Teller Machine

The IBA Automated Teller Machine (IBA ATM) includes basic essentials for an ATM plus those for an information and transaction terminal (ITT) and a currency exchange machine, all at the most competitive prices. IBA ATM can be ideally installed  at bank branches, retail chains, commercial areas, residential localities, airports, railway stations, and hotels. Automated Teller MachineInformation [...]

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Training Center

Founded on May 6, 2002, the IBA Training Center offers training in information technologies, business, and foreign languages to IBA employees, as well as other companies and individuals. Teachers working in the IBA Training Center are assistant professors, Ph. Ds, and certified trainers. IT courses at the IBA Training Center cover IBM mainframe and Lotus [...]

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IBA Mobile Banking System

IBA Mobile Banking is an innovative solution designed for modern and energetic people who value their time. IBA Mobile Banking allows for performing non–cash payments and receiving banking information services via mobile phone on a twenty–four hour basis. The Java application IBA Mobile Banking for mobile phones is a software shell for SMS banking functions [...]

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IBA Information and Transaction Terminal

The IBA Information and Transaction Terminal (IBA ITT) is designed for financial transactions and for quick access to reference information. IBA ITT is an ideal facility for bank branches, retail chains, commercial areas, airports, railway stations, hotels, tourist centers, and educational institutions.

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