Founded on May 6, 2002, the IBA Training Center offers training in information technologies, business, and foreign languages to IBA employees, as well as other companies and individuals. Teachers working in the IBA Training Center are assistant professors, Ph. Ds, and certified trainers.

IT courses at the IBA Training Center cover IBM mainframe and Lotus technologies, Java and C programming languages, operating systems (Linux, Windows, Solaris, and Novell NetWare), ERP systems (SAP/R3), database software, network technologies, information security, integrated and global information systems, web technologies, Microsoft Office applications, computer graphics, and computer technical support.

Business training features business communication, marketing, personal efficiency (negotiation, stress management, time management, and public appearance skills), business process reengineering, and methods for finding new ideas and solutions. Foreign language courses comprise English, German, and French.

Annually, roughly 25 percent of IBA employees receive training in programming, marketing or computer and banking equipment at the IBA Training Center.

The IBA Training Center has long-term ties with leading Belarusian higher educational institutions. It invites university professors to teach computer science to IBA employees, while IBA trainers lecture university students in IT subjects. Since 2004, the IBA Training Center has been sponsoring the Belarusian national contest in informatics among students of colleges, vocational schools, and special technical institutions. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus has sent a letter to thank the IBA Training Center for contribution in the development of the national educational system.