On July 10, IBA successfully put into commercial operation the subsystem Equipment Maintenance (EM) at the Locomotive Depot of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian Railway. Being a part of the Unified Corporate Integrated System of Finance and Resource Management the subsystem has been implemented more than one year. This SAP ERP–based project received the name EM First Stage (EM 1).

It is planned that the EM subsystem will cover all repair types at all series of locomotives and will become a standard solution to be replicated in other departments of the Belarusian Railway.

Within the project, IBA automated the following business processes of the Minsk Locomotive Depot:

EM reference data
EM planning
EM implementation.
In addition, IBA plans further deployment of the EM subsystem at the Belarusian Railway:

Installation of a facility for approval operations
Setting electronic certification for the locomotive major units
Using Chancellor to approve outgoing forms using electronic digital signature
Expansion of functionality to cover different types of repairs for all locomotive series
PM Replication to the other enterprises of the Belarusian Railway.